Saturday, March 11, 2017



On Friday it was a delight to rise to a view of blue sky out my bedroom window and then to walk into my main room and see the first quadrant of my dress looking so good on its mannequin.
Tim arrived at noon and we went for a nice walk and had lunch at Sophie’s and Sophie was there. I adore her and she treated us to apple pie a la mode for dessert. It was so warm I took my coat off and walked in just a t-shirt. I loved the warmth.
In the evening I met Enki to see the button show by the Japanese butoh troupe, Dairakudukan. It was very weird but I was never bored. It was foreign in every way, so incredibly and wonderfully strange; there was a cast of twenty-one people virtually naked butoh performers covered in white paint.
Saturday has dawned grey and mild. After a week of doing just one thing a day I am very happy to have today off. I get tomorrow off too, but I’m having dinner with friends. I like my friends very much and I like being with them, but I can only take so much socializing.

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