Thursday, March 30, 2017


Wednesday I had lunch with Dwight and late in the afternoon, Dianne and DR came for champagne and Indian take-away dinner.  Although it was dark and wet, the air was fragrant and warm.
I’ve had a brilliant idea: I am going to apply for a second locker in the building so that I can store my ladies there. The locker next to me is destroyed and unused so I am optimistic. It would really be an ideal solution to my storage problem.
However, last night entertaining two people with take-away and eating off my living room coffee table went fine. It’s a huge change from the fancy dining I used to offer guests, but it works. It was the right decision to get rid of my dining room table for my dress project.  
For roughly eight months my concern with my condition was focused on stuttering. Suddenly becoming a rather severe stutterer was a shock. For the first few months, I kept thinking I would get better. Then there were months of doubt and then acceptance.
But once I stopped thinking about my speech, I started the same process — concern and hope for relief, doubt and then acceptance — seems to be ahead of me as concerns my inability to control my arms and my desire/ability to socialize.
The good news seems to be that that will be the end of my adaptation; there are no other lingering symptoms to accept.
I have another year of therapy; five more months of weekly sessions and then seven months of semi-monthly sessions. And then … and then …
Today has dawned with bright clear skies. Finally we’ve a day off from the incessant precipitation. The air comes from Hawaii and smells glorious—a fresh clean Spring smell; having the windows opening and smelling the air is a treat.
A new Boca show is about to open — no wonder I haven’t received any news about the residency competition. They must be terribly busy. But reading about their micro series on The Straight website today, I realize how divergent my script is from their company mandate of socially relevant theatre. I doubt my script will interest them and that’s okay.

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