Monday, March 20, 2017

Dress # 9 Chosen!

                     Someone's                                    My dress number 7.

I’m stoked because I’ve got my idea for dress number nine! (It’s getting harder and harder to come up with an idea for a dress.) I can hardly wait to get started on it today.
It’s going to have a bodice of marbles and the skirt is going to be a purple “sack” with a yellow rope border and “Seagram’s Crown Royale” written on it. And the belt will be thicker yellow rope with yellow tassels. If you were a kid in the nineteen fifties you’ll know why the colour purple, Crown Royal logo and marbles go together.
I’m truly excited to have a new idea and something to do again. I’d been obsessing about what to do for a few days. I’d even looked at art dresses on Google Images to copy. Then, just as I was settling on one of them, I had my own idea — the bag skirt and marbles. I am so happy to be executing my own idea (as with all the other dresses) instead of “cheating” by copying someone else’s idea.
Post script: When Googled “art dresses,” the photo above on the left came up. That’s my dress on the right. I swear: I made mine without having seen this photo. But nothing is unique any more.

I had a best friend who was a Puli. His name was Bela.

If you know me.....

Okay. Yes. Sometimes I make fun of others.

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