Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Back to Work

All I have to do is “start the ball rolling.” Once I do, momentum takes over.
The ball started rolling when I found myself creating a great story for it. The story got me motivated to make it and so I’m feeling better than I have for quite a while — I’ve something fun and constructive to do.
I’m into plan A and my plans A often don’t work. But a plan B always emerges. This dress is short and black white trim and a nice bright white apron. The challenge is in its architecture: I want smart folds. It feels so good to be back at work with my hands.
I keep asking myself while I am on the toilet or walking or washing dishes: “Is someone reading Defiant Dress right now?” I wonder if, while I’m so involved with the mundane, someone at Boca is reading my opus capax and thinking, “Not this one.” or “Hey…this one’s fun!”
It was eleven months ago today (Thursday) that I became a stutterer.
Today: A Tyrell funeral. It's going to be very odd. Tonight: Drinks and dinner with Robin using my gift cards for Provence. Tomorrow night, a butoh dance performance with my new friend, Enki — he being the charming young man I met in the chocolate shop I frequent.

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