Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Doily Dress begins

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My friend Dianne sent the cartoon above because I have no dining room table or dining area any more. Where I used to eat and spend a lot of my time is full of dresses.
I hate this: There’s an ad on TV. A mother gets a text on her iPad from her son, Ryan. He needs her help. Cut to mother rushing up to the door of a boy’s toilet in a public park where Ryan is waiting for his mother to deliver the extra-soft toilet paper he needs. WTF?
I laughed at this: There’s a cartoon in a recent New Yorker wherein a young lad is reaching over to touch his toes and his mother is running towards him saying, “Let me touch them for you.”
Tuesday’s adventure was dinner with Nicola at Abbatoir. Nicola and I met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and we’re very compatible. It was such a weird day with snow showers all day but it was a real treat to end it with her. I walked to Granville to get the bus and when I got on, she was on it. That was such a fun way to begin out night.
Today I’m having lunch with Dwight whom I haven’t seen for ten days. He was in Hawaii last week and next week he is in London. After lunch, I go to see Dr. Shoja.
It’s been a good day so far. I wrote a story for a dress I want to make that I call the doily dress. It will be dress number eight. I’m very happy with the story and I have the materials I need to get going on it.

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