Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bring it on Boca

I’ve been stewing for a long time about the absence of a friend in my life. Leslie used to be a frequent presence but I saw her only twice last year. Yes, I count; I know because I missed her almost every day.
So I reached out by email even though my stuttering makes me reluctant to initiate and now she and our friend Libby are coming for lunch tomorrow. I am really happy about that. And on Friday afternoon, two more women friends are coming for champagne.
Plus, I expect to hear from Boca about my script. I’ve had moments of optimism and hours of doubt. It really makes no difference to me now. If they pass, I will continue to make my dresses and some plan B will emerge. Plan B has been a constant presence through this exercise and never a disappointment. Besides …
I have an idea for dress number ten — a freestanding design that doesn’t need a mannequin. The challenge is structural.
I had lunch on Saturday with Dwight and I told him about it. He, bless his magnificent huge heart, is as invested in my project as I am, so he has proposed that I use a product called Ethafoam. I’ve never heard of it, so he’s bringing me a sample on Wednesday.
This dress will be sturdy; it will be abstract like the cardinal dress; part armour, part dress. My script has the word “armour” in the title’s play on words: A(r)mour: The Defiant Dress. Dress number ten is the dress from which Charlotte gets the title for “her” show.
I call it the armour dress. It will be in two halves: The rear side will have words carved into it that its creator has heard said about her ‘behind her back;’ the other side will be the words she uses to describe herself. The “other” side may have a cool tint and “her” side may have a warm tint.
I think I have outdone myself with this one — conceptually, anyway. Execution is another matter.
So #8 is eighty percent done, #9 is thirty-five percent done and #10 is close to final determination. And the pearl dress has to be re-done. But then I’ll only have two more to go to have my dozen dresses made. Then there are accessories to make.
So bring it on, Boca! I can take it either way. My beautiful dresses love me even if you don’t. I’m ending my week with a party of live and paper ladies regardless of what you decide.

Look carefully.

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