Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Les quotidiens

Les quotidiens: Tuesday afternoon Dwight called from Hawaii and told me to go to the site of an online webcam. So I did while he stayed on the line. And when the camera started rolling, he waved at the camera and I could see him walking on the beach from way above him — kind of a drone’s eye view, but I could see him waving to me. It was so much fun.  
At a gallery opening recently I ran into a man I’d met once long ago — Peter —and when I told him about my idiot dresses he said a man named Ivan should see them. He called Ivan and told Ivan about me and that I’d be calling. Then Peter sent me an email telling me what he’d done and to contact Ivan. Yea right — me call a total stranger on the phone. Not likely, especially since Ivan is Ivan Sayers the most famous costume historian in town.
But I did it. I called Ivan out of a sense of obligation to Peter. Consequently, in two weeks Ivan is coming her for champagne and canapés and to see my dresses — and so is Peter. It’s going to be odd/interesting, I’m sure. But I’m glad I have done this.
Oakridge Shopping Centre is hosting an exhibition of paper dresses. It opens today; I’m hoping to go tomorrow and I’m kind of excited about seeing it.
Today’s big deal is a lunch with a bunch of friends. We all went to UBC together and all of them (but not me) belonged to the musical theatre club. I’ve earned my way into their group because I share their passions.
Le Robe défiant: I’m now working on the letters. I need one for every dress to reveal its provenance. The completed Defiant Dress project requires thirteen dresses, twelve letters and the script. I have six dresses and five letters left to do.
I decided not to make more dresses a while back. I don’t have space for them. I will only do them if my show goes into production. So if Boca says, No, I will need something else to work on and it has to be something that takes no space — or… I have to get a storage locker for the existing dresses and do the rest I’ve left to do.

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