Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Endless Rain & Grey

The weather is endlessly unfriendly; progress on the doily dress continues to be slow because I am not at all in a hurry. However I’m almost finished the structure of the skirt; it’s the most demanding part of the dress.
Monday night my surrogate daughter, Jessica, came for an over-nighter. It’s as much fun having her stay over as it was having a best friend do the same when I was a kid.
I’m in a non-confidence mood after the high of last week; I’m feeling certain that my play will be too light in subject and too dense in ideas for Boca. Soon I’ll know, one way or the other.
I saw a photo of Melania Trump taken with sick children in a hospital that was taken very recently. It’s the standard political opportunistic photo-op but incredibly ironic given her horror of a husband is about to cut of a zillion families from their health care. She and her husband make maggots look cute.
Today begins with Dr. Shoja at nine AM, then its back to the dress. I’m kind of glad that Peter and Ivan are going to see one in progress tomorrow.

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