Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brent & Rob

Wednesday’s brunch was wonderful because we had a surprise guest. Brent Carver, the nicest most talented man you could ever meet, joined us. He’s here to do four concerts of a show he did at Stratford that includes songs he loves, songs he sang on the Broadway stage, and songs from others of his past shows. When I got home from lunch, I went to bed. There’s no denying how much socializing taxes me now.
In the evening, late: a surprise visit from Rob. He’s the closest thing to a boyfriend I have.
I’m in the “eye of the storm,” in the gap between conviction and doubt while I wait to hear about the residency from Boca. Andrea said it would take “two-to-four weeks.” I sure would like to get some partners in this Defiant Dress venture!

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