Thursday, March 16, 2017

Relief: The Visit is Over

“The Visit” was overwhelming. I was thrilled by Ivan and Peter’s reception but the anxiety their visit produced ravaged me. I was in migraine hell as soon as they left and in bed by eight.
Peter is a new friend. It was his idea to invite Ivan to see my dresses. He called Ivan and told him about me and that I’d be calling him. Then he called me to tell me what he’d done and to call Ivan. I felt trapped. I had to call Ivan and ask him over.
I truly thought Ivan would be polite but wondering why he was here. My dresses are not real; they are crazy creations made of wheat and plastic plates and so on. But he loved them, bless his kind heart. He was so enthusiastic and full of ideas of how people should see them — offering to host/present me at places he goes and to produce my play. What a guy.
I told him about Boca and that I would wait to see what happened with them before I made any decisions, but his enthusiasm for my work has given me hope that Boca, too, might be impressed. And it’s encouraging to get such praise.
Anyway … that’s over and I’m glad. I have several days ahead without any appointments. I feel like I need a month of solitude to recover from yesterday.
I’m going happily back to work on the doily dress. (Sigh of relief.)

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