Monday, March 6, 2017

Out of the Woods

Sunday: Snow! Yes, a March blizzard. Still, I went for a walk. Not long, but worthwhile because I went to the Sylvia Hotel for drinks with long-time friends.
Provence is a nice restaurant that is on the water and about a ten-minute walk from my condo. Yesterday I discovered that they are the one of two restaurants in Vancouver that sells gift certificates for which you can pay with Aeroplan points. I have over a hundred thousand points worth $864 at the restaurant! Good times are ahead.
I live in a small world. I stay in my condo twenty-one hours of the day, minimum. If I go to a familiar place or to see someone familiar during my out-of-condo experiences, that pattern plus Cipralex makes me feel cured of m y symptoms. I still stutter with strangers but if I encounter them or venture into new territory when I am with someone I trust, I am fine so I’m living with a wonderful “out of the woods” feeling as concerns my mental health.

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