Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Very Heavy Work Day @ Pinecone Park

Darrell and I moved twelve yards of soil/fish compost this morning. It’s easier than stacking wood but oh my goodness my back got sore. The pile you see is six more yards that have to be spread tomorrow morning.
I was pining for a spa all day; it was too hot for two old men to be doing such work. Concurrently, Darrel, staked out the perimeter of the vegetable garden. He is building the garden now instead of next Spring! I’m thrilled! And Elaine is up for sharing garden duties and harvest with me. I am overjoyed! That means we will split the cost of buying blueberry shrubs and soil.

It’s forty feet long by twenty-four feet wide; I’ll have almost a thousand square feet of fenced-in, deer-proof garden. That’s three hundred more square feet than my former condo! Darrell will build the raised beds and Elaine’s coming by at some point to talk with me about what we’ll plant. 
I don’t care really what we plant except I’ve no interest in zucchinis. I know we both want blueberries and raspberries and I’d love to grow corn, carrots, beets, and beans. My yard that was once wide open and naked now really looks like the yard of a full-time resident.
Mid-day got really busy. The water hauler came and filled up my hot tub with new water. (I drained it yesterday.) I am so happy. I’ve become a spa addict.

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