Friday, August 17, 2018

Billet Trois Day

Can it be coincidence that the day my raffle responsibilities end that my voice comes back? I think not. It was great to talk with Tim in my own voice before he left.
Two volunteers came to pick up the raffle prizes mid-afternoon. It took three trips between my place and the festival site to get it all done in their rather modest van. Being alone again—and responsibility free—feels very, very good. I also feel positive about being untethered from Dr. Shoja (although I remain grateful for every second with her). Separating myself from treatment puts my collapse in the past.
Now it’s me and Dingo; together forever. And we’re doing a victory tour: I’m going to go to see friends Dana and Jane next Thursday. I’ve got a dog sitter and they have a new home for me to see. It’s a modest challenge. And my “family,” Jessica, Todd and their kids Sahara and Hudson are coming for the long weekend.
Some celebrities transcend media and truly get inside your heart. I cried many times yesterday over the death of Aretha Franklin. She was magical; she united people. She was a most worthy idol. I was floored by the coverage on BBC America. She was a monumental talent, closely tied to the civil rights movement and trained in her father’s church. The news coverage is hugely satisfying; to see her lauded by Barack Obama and others is soothing. 
I’m heading into Fall with a plan. Sometime after mid-September I’ll be laying a new front lawn. I think I can handle it. I plan to get about six cubic yards of soil that I’ll have to spread all around the yard. I know how I’m going to do that evenly. Next week I plan to go to the lumberyard to see if they have a roller I can rent and that they can deliver so I can compact the soil before I spread the seed.
I think it’s going to really make my place look good. Next year, I am seriously considering building a deer-proof vegetable garden with raised beds and creating a lawn in part of the backyard.
During winter, my plan is to fix my ladies to get them ready to show. It’s good to have these projects to keep my busy and engaged.
I’m off to Nanaimo this morning to see my eye doctor. Tonight three strangers come to stay for the weekend. It’s odd and exciting at the same time.

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