Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tim Departs

I was really happy to have help bundling the books and assembling the doghouse for the raffle. Doing it with Tim was fun and took no time at all.   
I got the wheelbarrow, some lunch and the pet treats in the morning then Tim and I took Sheba and lunch to Drumbeg. It was one of the loveliest days yet for me on Gabriola because I went bathing in the ocean. It was quite warm and wonderful; Sheba would not come very far into the water but for me, it was like being a kid again. 
We sat and ate in the sun because it was lovely and warm; the forest fire smoke kept us from burning or being too hot. Sheba had an absolute ball and came home completely exhausted.
In the afternoon, Tim and I went into the village to get food for a dinner barbeque and to get the last of the plants for the auction. We ate dinner outdoors, watched The Great British Baking Show  and then went to bed quite early.
Tim leaves this morning and this afternoon a truck comes to pick up all the raffle prizes. Tomorrow I’m in Nanaimo all morning at the eye surgeon’s and when I get back the first two of the billets arrive; the third arrives at 11:00 pm. It’s going to be mighty strange having strangers in my house Saturday morning.
Once they leave, I have no guests and no medical appointments scheduled at all. I have unlimited time alone so I’ll be getting a break from Dingo—and thank God for that.
I’ve been speaking Dingo all day every day with Tim and with all the people with whom I have to interact for the raffle and I’m bloody sick of that voice. This morning, for the first time in ages I’m talking in my own voice with Tim and it feels great.
And finally, my Gardenias are flush with blossoms and the first one bloomed large and beautiful this morning filling the air with a beautiful tropical fragrance. I’m in heaven in paradise.

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