Friday, August 31, 2018

Spa Day!

My confidence level in managing my spa has hit a high. I’m chuffed I managed to change the water and re-program it, raising the temperature again a little for Fall. As I write this, the temperature in the tub is 98°, on its way to 101°; when it gets there, around 6:00 am, I’m getting in!  Woo hoo!
Then, once I’m out and dressed, it’s back to shoveling another six yards of soil. I will do the bulk of it while it’s cool and before Darrell gets here so that we can get right into the final stage of laying the new lawn. 
He’ll use the roller when he gets here to compress the new carpet of fertile topsoil. Then we’ll rake it, apply the seed, roll it again and thoroughly water it. And that’s it! Then Darrell will continue working on the huge new vegetable garden plot.
It’s going to be another heavy day, but the weather is ideal and now the hot tub is ready to provide hydrotherapy.
An acquaintance of mine is a contestant on the Great Canadian Baking Show season two, starting Sept. 19th. I can hardly wait to watch Andei in action. He is the most interesting and accomplished person!
What a day yesterday was for BC, the premier, for local Orcas, our First Nations people and everyone concerned about the impact of the twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline through BC and into Burnaby! 
The pipeline is going to cause a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic in Vancouver harbour. Kinder Morgan says they can guarantee safety for our harbour. B. fucking S. That’s the single reason I’m so against it: There will be an oil spill in one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. No one can say there won’t be.
I have friends who protested and rallied. I did nothing. I am ecstatic about the appeal court decision, particularly for my friends who campaigned so hard against it. But I’m really happy for the whales and Georgia Straight.
Thank God for our courts. Thank God for justice and fair process. Amen.
Tomorrow Jess and Todd and family arrive. I love their company. Jess is the daughter I wish I had. And Todd is a blessing. We all spent a couple of weeks together in France and Mexico and we are profoundly compatible.

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