Wednesday, August 15, 2018

BUSY! Week

Our Medical Services Plan  pays my way back and forth to any specialist appointments prescribed by my GP here. It’s a remarkable service. Yesterday I got an “important notice (“Your action is required”) from Pharmacare.  They instigated the correspondence and have decided that Spiriva, my new asthma medication, will be entirely free for the rest of my life. What a great country my paradise is in!
Tim arrived around 3:30. We went for a long trail walk with Sheba, then we had a spa together and then we went to The Surf  for dinner but it was packed and there was a 45-minute wait for meals so we went into the village and ate at The Kitchen. Then it was home for some TV and early to bed.
Tim showed me an amazing website that hosts lots of movies and TV shows and I taught myself how to send what I choose to watch to my TV. I can watch whatever I call up on my computer on my TV in my living room now. I love it.
I met with Michelle yesterday; she has officially taken over the management of the raffle ticket vendors—thank goodness! Today I have to get the last of the donations (all the plants, the wheelbarrow and the pet treats) and finish assembling the prizes. Tim’s going to help me assemble the doghouse.
We’ll do my errands and then go to Drumbeg for a picnic lunch and maybe a swim and we’ll take Her Highness. 
It’s going to be very strange ahead. This week Tim is here, there is considerable raffle work to do every day, Friday I go to Nanaimo to see the eye surgeon and Friday night and all the nights of the weekend I have billets here. But come Monday and forever after, I have zilch on my calendar. I’ve no more scheduled guests come Monday, no more raffle work and no more appointments with Dr. Shoja in Vancouver. Nothing!
Once the rains start, however, I will create my new front lawn. That’ll be my last yard project for this season. I’ll make me happy to have a nice look to the front of the house and to have a place to play Croquet.

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