Monday, August 20, 2018

Very Smoky

I stayed up last night until one am waiting for my last billet to arrive. She never did turn up. I had trouble staying up waiting. But now Pinecone Park and Spareturns to having just one human occupant—and smoke!
The smoke and the dryness are becoming scary; breathing is a challenge and so I carry my inhalers everywhere. I avoid trails with uphill sections. I step outside and the smell of smoke is strong. I sit in the outflow of my air purifier that’s on my desk where I spend so much time of each day. Nanaimo/Gabriola is in the highest rated risk zone right now, in terms of air quality.
Dana wrote to cancel my plan to go visit them tomorrow. They want me there on a clear day. All I did all day was putz around the place and nap during the day. I actually cough in the mornings and during the day. It’s an intense existence. You worry about your health and that embers may land on the island.
This afternoon, they closed Nanaimo airport. I’m in a seriously bad air quality zone here right now.
Hurrah! I learned how to increase the size of the fonts in all my software. As I lose the vision in my eye I’m finding ways to adjust. I’m now reading the New Yorker  online so I can increase the font there, too.
I’ve come ‘round to Bill’s way of thinking about my play; having had some time to think, I like the idea of re-writing it as a monologue.
I really want to do something with my ladies and I like the idea of hiring an actor to pretend that she is the artist. It would take any focus of me and I like that. I could be part of the audience at my opening and she’d take all the heat. I’d write her an opening night speech and the rest of the evening would require her to improvise.  

Chair seat. Micmac from New Brunswick; in the
Collection of the Metropolitan Museum. 

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