Saturday, August 18, 2018

Two Cataracts!

There have been massive lineups for the ferry so I decided to leave here @ 7:30 to catch the 8:50 ferry. I thought I’d be assured of a place, arriving just as a ferry departed. But I was blessed, when I pulled up to be first in line for the later ferry, they waved me onto the 7:40 ferry. Sweet! 
I went to the shopping centre and did some shopping, went to the water’s edge for a morning seawall walk and then got to the eye doctor’s early and was seen early.
Turns out I have two cataracts and the surface one, a plaque-like substance, is growing fiercely. She thinks I may lose all but my peripheral vision in my right eye before I have my surgery. I see absolutely fine with my left eye so I’m not at all worried. The only drag is reading.
I accepted an offer to pay $800 and have my astigmatism fixed surgically at the same time as the cataract surgery so I won’t need glasses post surgery—except for reading.
I was finished at the clinic early so I raced to the terminal and a ferry was waiting! I drove right on and was home in plenty of time to welcome Dan and Anna, the first of the billets to arrive. They chose to stay in the studio; they are very warm and friendly.
I stuttered only slightly suing my own voice with Anna and Dan. It was wonderful. Dingo is practical but I love it when he can be dormant.
The For Sale sign came down on the lot next door yesterday. Now I wait. A festival of noise is coming; the lot will be cleared, a well will be dug and a house will be built.  
The BC Ferry Corporation has announced that a new ferry terminal on Gabriola is at the top of their capital improvement list. And … they are replacing our single ferry with two new vessels so there’ll be twice as many sailings to Nanaimo!
It felt so incredibly good to be home alone in the afternoon. Dan and Anna went exploring and I had home to myself—and I had no raffle work to do! I fixed the fence latch, cleaned my ceiling fans and had a spa. 
Crystal arrived at around 11:00 pm. Volunteers brought her and she was very happy with my place. She settled in and went to bed. Anna and Dan came back around 12:30 am after their performance and we all turned in.
Dan and Anna leave today. Crystal and a gig today and tonight, so she will be back late tonight to stay one more night. Tomorrow night, a third single person comes to stay one night and then it is all over.

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