Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What a Day!

What a day!
I thought I’d be having a casual day today but when I opened the spa to have a soak, I hit the wall. I could not go in. The water was cloudy and the chemicals I’d added did not solve the problem so I decided to change the water. It was time.
I tried to follow the draining instructions in the manual and failed. I called the spa service company and they didn’t know how to help me either—Brian is on holiday—so Murray suggested I siphon the water out. And that’s what I did, using two hoses.
Replacement water is coming from Nanaimo ($300) Thursday afternoon and then I have to get the spa running and balanced again—I want it operating in prime form for the arrival of Todd and Jessica (and family of three others) on Saturday. 
And then I took on the barbeque. I love cooking with Todd and I want us to barbeque together so cleaning the grill was important. it was a horror. I kept cutting myself; it has innumerable sharp edges and sharp corners. But once it was cleaned I prided myself in its pristine condition. But the kitchen! Horrors! There was oily black soot everywhere. All this cleaning was not my plan for the day.
I had nostalgia for lunch. I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich—oh the long lost joy of that taste combination. Having the sandwich (and recently having hot dogs on the barbie) has been nostalgic fun. After lunch I craved a spa, but that’s days away.
By 1:50 I’d put the hoses away and cleaned up the mess from emptying the spa and the kitchen was back in order. I was pooped, but Darrell arrived to talk about creating my front lawn. We measured the lawn area and I ordered the topsoil/fishmeal mixture. It’s going to cost me $2,400 just for the soil (they’re lending me a roller) but I’ll have a lawn, not a dead-dry rocky slab of weedy land—and don’t forget, I have a croquet set.
Darrell had news: Elaine lost her allotment where she grows her vegetables. The man with whom she shared her garden is selling his place so I offered to share the vegetable garden I want built with her—that way I’ll get to learn from an experienced gardener.
I’m not sure, but I think Darrell is going to build it now so we have a place to put stuff he retrieves from the old garden—like a watering system!  I’m totally stoked to have someone so experienced with whom to share my garden. I really hope she’s interested in sharing with me.

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