Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Dog Days

I cannot remember when my body has hurt so much as it did Friday night and yesterday. All that lifting and pushing exhausted and depleted this old man. Instead of going to the market Saturday morning, I soaked in the spa—just as I will this monring. My God I love that spa now that it is at a decent temperature all the time.
But all the wood stacking is done and winter will be warm and cozy.
Then I watered all the gardens with water and relief—relief because now I know that the source from which feeds my well, is strong. So I’m building the vegetable garden next year because I’ve no problem with water. My cistern has stayed full all summer and my water is sweet.
A friend wrote to ask why I go to the city, given that it causes me so much stress.
It’s my choice to go and I’d enjoyed several visits with very mild symptoms before this past disaster of a visit. I plan to keep going until I don’t want to anymore, hoping I can progress to a point of decent comfort in Vancouver. I’d like to be able to go to there to visit friends if I can without the seizures.
There’s something wrong right now. I had a seizure here by myself Saturday morning—that rarely happens. My condition seems to ebb and flow like some other mental illnesses and mine is currently “flowing.”
My friend DR thinks that my guilt and angst over striking Sheba was a factor. I think she’s right. I adore that dog; she’s like my partner. It’s like I discovered I’m a wife beater and that is not at all whom I think of myself as being; I’m the uber dog lover.
I was incredibly ashamed and guilty. Lesson learned for life.
The mornings are cool now. I can feel Autumn coming. Sigh. So once the festival is done here, I want to go to visit friends in Parksville while it’s still summery.
I saw my first rat on my property this morning as I was heading off for the Sunday morning community dog walk.
I love summer in paradise!

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