Tuesday, August 28, 2018

YAY! Parksville/Qualicum

I’m still reeling from all the excitement of yesterday. I took a fabulous won derful day trip and I felt great—no, far greater than great—all day. I didn’t even come close to a seizure and I wonder to what extent Sheba’s presence is responsible for that.
But first…. Sunday: The weather on Sunday improved after the dog walk. I barbequed lunch—an increasingly enjoyable activity—and then did some yard work, happy to be outside again and casting shadows. 
I do love Sundays! Early in life, I took its nature as a day of rest to heart. I took some time to do some one eye reading of old New Yorker articles (and I renewed my subscription). I went to a show of woodwork at the local arts council. It was well attended and rich with wonderful bowls, tables, buckets, wall sculptures, trays, cutting boards and baskets.
Come happy hour, I watched Isle of Dogsand loved it. Then it was dinner and off to bed early because of my plan for a big adventure with Her Highness yesterday. 
We went to Parksville to see Jane and Dana and have lunch. It was a stunning day for a day trip. I left here at 7:10 and was lucky; I got on the 7:35 ferry. We went directly to Bowen Park where Sheba met Calhoun (14 months) and they raced around exhausting themselves much to the delight of both owners. Then we went down to the river so she could drink.
We took our time. We visited Lantzville and arrived way too early in Parksville so we went to Englishman River Regional Park and the Englishman River Falls. It was inspiring to be amongst such magnificent Cedars and close to such raw majesty as the falls.
On the route into and away from the falls, we passed through farmland that stretched out for miles. I wanted to come home, sell my place and move to a farmhouse on Allsbrook Road. The view of beautifully manicured farmland outmatches all others for me. Sheba and I had a really lovely walk on an access road and saw not a soul. 
Then we went to Jane and Dana’s. I’d never seen their new home; they moved just over a year ago and they’ve had their whole yard beautifully landscaped. It is the cutest place with an incredible backyard that is their outdoor living room—full of a huge variety of flowers. They live in a community of bungalows, all new, in the rapidly expanding little city of Parksville. I’d live there in a heartbeat.
We drove to Qualicum to have lunch in a pub right on the water. It was stunning. I was absolutely giddy to be there. It’s a beach like no other I’ve ever seen and we walked with our dogs off-leash. Man-oh-man! What a place. I’ll be going back!
Our waitress was lovely, but what an image she presented. Dyed blonde hair, piled on her head. Low cut black top with a torn fringe, tattooed arms and shoulders, white jean hot pants and lots and lots of make up and jewelry. 
We walked through the village of Qualicum, had an ice cream cone, bought some balsamic vinegar in a great little shop, said goodbye and I drove home with an exhausted dog to the ferry. We had only a ten minute wait and then we were home. The cats were overjoyed!
The melody of the Beach Boys song, Barbara Ann, repeats this refrain several times as its chorus: “Ba ba ba; ba Barbara Ann.” John McCain liked to sign it like this: “Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb bomb Iran.” He was a warmonger, not a hero.
Today is lovely but I think I will pass on Drumbeg this morning. Sheba has had a little too much car time so we’ll do a trail walk instead. The rest of the day will be filled with the endless duties of maintaining the yard, the house and the pets.
Englishman River Falls spill into a deep chasm.
This is the river below the falls.
Qualicum beach, above and below.

Jane, Dana and Jordy.

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