Friday, August 3, 2018

Wood! And More Wood!

After all the turbulence of Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday was calm.
I kept myself busy.  I took Sheba for a long walk first thing in the morning and then I went into the village where I got my new inhaler and learned how to use it and did some shopping. When I got back, Darrell and Elaine were here.
Darrell’s going to build me another arbor from my grapes, finish my porch and line my driveway with wood runners so that next month I can plant a new front lawn. I also told him I want to go ahead with a wire deer fence and raised beds for vegetables next year.
He’d come to ask for a large box of ancient car engine parts that the previous owner of this place left behind. He took it and in exchange Elaine thinks she’ll be able to gift me a drip watering system for the vegetable garden. I’m thrilled.  
All afternoon I stacked wood. It exhausted me and in the evening I had brutal cramps in my hands from the work. But now I have three cords on site.  
It’s cloudy and cool this summer morning; it’s excellent weather for stacking wood (if you like stacking wood). Another cord has arrived at 8:30 and another chord-and-a-half is on its way. All I’ll do all day is stack wood; by tonight I’ll have stacking fever.

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