Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dog Day

I made serious progress on the cat palace after my walk through Drumbeg with Sheba on Saturday. It was cooler, thanks to some clouds, and it was wonderful to be back at work in my studio. 
It went so well that we went for a second walk. Then it was back for a spa, dinner and a well-earned relaxing evening with Her Highness. At around five pm it rained, and quite heavily for a few minutes; it was refreshing and it means I don’t have to water the garden this morning.
This morning it’s very cloudy/smoky; the light is yellow this morning and the sun rose red due to the forest fire smoke. It’s eerie. The hot weather return is predicted to return this afternoon. 
This morning is community dog walk day and it’ll be nice and cool thanks to the clouds. Then I’ll be working on the raffle, doing finishing touches on the palace, assembling the dog house (maybe) and packaging the books.
There’s a big empty hall here. It’s the Agrarian Hall. I’ve been thinking about my friend Bill’s recommendations and using that space as a place to stage a one-woman show with my ladies—assuming I can find an actor to play the part. It might work. I’ll continue to think about it.
I have not yet been in the sea—not even wading. I hope to do that this week with Sheba. I am keen to see how she functions in the water. I don’t even know if she likes to swim. Tim arrives on Tuesday so it may be something he wants to do together.
Worse than no rain, is not having any decent Masterpiece Theatre to watch tonight. Poldark bores me to tears. Thank God for Netflix. Until my cataract operation (sometime next year) reading is a drag.

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