Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Stressful Arrival

What could go wrong? 
I got an email from Sylvie saying their flight could not leaver Vancouver—and worse: passengers from cancelled morning flights had priority over them if flights recommenced. Her flight was scheduled for 1:30 pm and she and Lucie had arrived at 12:15! Then, at 1:45 came word that they might make at 2:30 flight and I practically prayed.
At 2:00 the pilot confirmed that they remained optimistic that they’d leave at 2:30. We were emailing back and forth, both of us on pins and needles. I stayed at the ready to fetch them. And miracles happen: I got an email saying they were departing at 2:35, so off I went to fetch them. 
At the dock here, Buffy told me that several of the waiting passengers had taken an alternate airline to Nanaimo and that left Lucie and Sylvie able to get the only flight at 2:30. We had a wonderful reunion on the dock, came home and I made some (delicious) canapés to go with their wine and my diet coke.
At 4:00, Nicholas came to replace the filter in my water system and at 5:30 we left for The Surf for dinner. My guests were fine with the fare; it’s pub food, but we had so much fun talking and laughing together, the food went down well. Then it was home for the cake and it was disappointing.
I should have left it out to warm up and when we have some today, I’ll warm up and add some lemon syrup to moisten it. Then, I reckon, it’ll be tastier. It was good; no question. But it could be moister and softer.
We all went to bed early happy to know that today was going to be another gorgeous Spring day. They love that my flowers are blooming, the tall, tall trees and the silence and darkness after their week in hardcore downtown Vancouver.

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