Thursday, March 19, 2020


My poor gardens. My plants were so, so thirsty; I hadn’t realized how dry they were, given that usually at this time of year they ground is soaking wet. It took forever to water them all yesterday, as well as all my container plants. I’m happy that it’s done and I’ll be more diligent—I’m even hoping for some rain. There’s a chance we’ll get some on Monday.
It was really lovely to be outside working for much of the day and then to go to Rollo Park to meet my friends for an afternoon confab and dog play. Anna, Gunther, Rick and I sat in the sunshine in our t-shirts and watched out dogs play and then rest in the shade.  The best part of going back and forth to Rollo Park was driving with my top down!
Yesterday I got a huge black floater in my right eye. It was as though there was a large black fern growing in my eyeball. It drove me crazy all day, and at nighttime I was getting bright flashes of light in that eye. But today the floater is not nearly as dark or large. Hooray! Ageing: Pooey1
I got a very scary email from the lung clinic that I belong to (due to my Asthma). They have been in touch with medical personnel in Wuhan and determined that if I were to come in contact with the virus, I’d have a 15% chance of survival given my age, lung condition and HIV status.
They have advised me to remain isolated for the duration of the pandemic, so I am cancelling the visits of all my guests except Dianne and Ashlee who are coming tomorrow. The email really put fear in me.
On the plus side, we island residents got a very reassuring email from our grocer and the shelves were looking better today. Flour is returning to the shelves tomorrow and potatoes may arrive soon. “The system” is adapting to the new normal. As the sole supplier to an island community, our grocer gets prioritized by suppliers.
And … no new cases in Wuhan! Hope!

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