Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunny, Cool Sunday

Treat yourself to this video: It’s of kinetic art installations by artist, Patrik Shearn. I love them all. They’re joyful, colourful, inspiring and exhilarating public artworks that would be welcome in all modern cities so devoid of colour and so dominated by concrete. 
Holy crap my increasingly limited ash reserves have taken a hit as a result of the virus crisis and its effect on the stock market. Yowza! But I think and hope the value will rise again once things settle down. I want to stay here as long as I can.
And when I went to the market, Deborah, my neighbour, checked me out. Her store, the only grocery store we have on the island, ordered one hundred and thirty cases of toilet paper and received thirty from their supplier. And nearly all the hicen is gone in the store, as are antiseptic, plastic gloves and sanitizer.
But I’ve started hoarding food: Tuna, spaghetti, frozen vegetables and I managed to get and freeze some chicken from the deli (not the village market). I’m also going to get Parmesan and butter to keep in case things get scary here.
The wild Turkeys here are magnificent to see right now as it is breeding season, so the males are strutting about with their plumage full on display. 
Praise my socks! Sheba and I are sharing socks. She wears one on her sore foot and I change it frequently, putting Polysporin on the wound each time I change the sock. And this morning I got very good news. It is almost healed. Tomorrow, I’ll sock her and take her on the community dog walk; we’ve not been going since her injury. I’m so happy and so will she be glad to getting back to normal.
And thank God for grades eight and nine electricity courses. My pantry light failed and I successfully replaced it without fear of electrocution and without putting the flashlight in my mouth.
Sharon and Herman arrived at two o’clock yesterday and we had a nice visit. After they left, I took Sheba to the park for her third walk of the day and then came home to chill out. I’m going to enjoy having no more guests until next weekend when Di and Ashlee come. They are “family” to me; they do not feel like “guests.” I’m going to love every second of their visit!

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