Wednesday, March 4, 2020

To Vancouver Until Sunday

Sheba has a sore foot again. It really upsets me even though she is stoic about it. Still, I’m taking her on short walks whilst she heals. The day started well, weather-wise, but clouds rolled in and the humidity made the day feel very cool. On the plus side: Tuesday was a day spent deep inside The Overstory.
If you have a cat, you know they like fresh water. Ethel practically knocks herself out against my toilet every time she hears it flush because she’s in such a hurry to drink from the fresh water. So I ordered a cat fountain that circulates water; it’ll give Fred and Ethel a source of “fresh” water that I think they’ll love.
Well … Freddy thinks it’s a bath or play tub. He had water everywhere within minutes of me setting it up. But things appear to have settled down and now all the pets have a source of “fresh” moving water.
Today’s been exhausting: I had so very much to do to get the place ready for Hannah and for my three days in Vancouver. I saw Cathy, the mental health nurse, this morning; I won’t see her again for six weeks. I’m being weaned from therapy with her as the clinic in Nanaimo takes over. The best part of our session was her saying that we’d have a non-clinical dinner together once we are done with appointments.
I’m not going to post while I’m away, so I won’t be posting again until Sunday. I’m leaving looking forward to being with friends, but I’ll miss Sheba, the cats and home tremendously. What I won’t miss is lighting the fire every morning and feeding and exercising my beloveds. 

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