Sunday, March 29, 2020


I have learned skills that I lacked most of my young life.
Dr. Bob, a former veterinarian, called me about wood for next winter. Last year he delivered the six cords (each at $300/cord), but they came with a lot of loose crap. I took photos of the crap with which to complain this year. But Anna told me about the Stupich brothers, so I contacted them. They charge $275 per cord.
Well, yesterday Bob called to talk about an order for this year. He was very friendly on the phone, so I told him how much I value his friendliness, but I mentioned the seventeen wheelbarrows of loose crap that I didn’t want. He apologized, explained why it had happened and assured me that it would not happen this year.
I said that was great and that I’d talked to the Stupich brothers who only charge $275/cord, so he agreed to match the price. That saves me $150! As each year goes by, it costs me less to live here. I am very happy except that starting next week I have to stack two cords of wood and I hate stacking wood.
For me, this is all very good news.
And speaking of wood, I chopped more kindling yesterday. With my right hand so out of order, it is hard for me to do more than fifteen minutes of chopping, but I’ve become so good at choosing the right wood, I can get a decent amount cut in the time I have until pain makes me stop.
Do I live in a good place? You betcha! Yesterday I got two offers from kindly folk to do shopping for me. One was from Hannah who lives two lots away and who works at the grocery store. I refuse all offers but that may change in the future. Still, the kindness of people here is worth noting.
I’m watching a documentary series on ancient Rome (I took Latin all through high school) and am really liking it. And I really enjoy the host, Mary Beard. She is a total joy to watch and to listen to. She is such a remarkably pleasant difference from the horrid self-absorbed, cold and embarrassing television presenter, Lucy Worsley. 
Having finished with Amor Towles, I’ve dived into All the Light We Cannot See, a Pulitzer Prize-winner by Anthony Doerr. I’m thoroughly engaged again, and I love that the novel unfolds in very short chapters. It’s a wonderful structure because you can always finish the chapter before stopping to eat, sleep or do errands. I love page-turners!
No rain at all yesterday (but I was surprised to see that Vancouver looked wet on the news) and today has dawned clear and bright. What a surprise! There’ll be a nice long dog walk this morning and then more reading before a second walk this afternoon and a spa. Life is good!

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