Thursday, March 26, 2020

Yum: Ranger Cookies

Today's dawn that we'd have the spittle that quickly materialized and we are due for showers for the next week. I’m entirely okay with it, for my gardens and because I’m having such a good time indoors with my reading, my pets, the fire and food.
My speech is not as good as it has been this past several weeks. I assume it’s due to a certain anxiety about this crisis and that I’ll be perfectly fluent again once conditions improve. But I’m surprised, as I feel I do so well with isolation. I’m not pining for company at all, thanks largely to my building inventory of books. I ordered more yesterday and have another order ready to send off already.
I did, in fact, terminate my cell service. It wasn’t easy. It could not do it online and to do it, I was back on hold forever and they offered many options—all at a cost—to keep me as a customer and to “save” my number for future use.  Other than that, I did little yesterday except take Her Highness to and from her hairdresser. She’s now smelling much better and looking ready for the runway. She is shining white!
The new rule that Canadians returning from anywhere must self-quarantine for two weeks is impossible to enforce and, frankly, I don’t trust people to follow the rules. I value the initiative, but I lack faith in my fellow man—especially those with enough money to travel. They are likely to feel entitled.
Today has passed quickly and easily (so far); I awaken each morning with no plans and somehow an agenda arrives to keep me engaged and busy. Reading, of course, is a large part of every day, but today I also made myself a nice big batch of Ranger Cookies—my favourite.

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