Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Lemon Cake

Sheba was not feeling at all well yesterday morning and it turns out her left rear foot was raw and sore, so I put some Polysporin on it and then put a sock on her foot and a plastic bag over that. Soon she was showing an interest in walking again and her appreciation was a joy to receive. So we went for a short walk.
Then I got to baking a cake. I made a Lemon drizzle cake by first baking the cake and then a lemon syrup to soak into the cake, and then I made butter cream to spread between the three very thin layers. It’s not a deep cake, it’s rather shallow and solid, but I think it will be fine. When I was done, I put it into the freezer to freeze overnight so that this morning, I could make a glaze and create a mirror finish.
Then I made some small leaves in three colours of green to add as detail. I’ll serve this cake to Lucie and Sylvie when they arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Today is cloudy but there’s been no rain. In fact, all of February and March (to date) has been incredibly dry but cool. Tomorrow, the sun is due for the two days of Sylvie and Lucie’s visit, then a day of possible precipitation, then several days of more sunshine are predicted. I’ll be able to do some garden work if it’s not too cool. Otherwise, it’ll be more reading and eating all the leftover cake.

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