Sunday, March 1, 2020

Party Night

Yesterday morning, I melted some white chocolate I found, dyed it red with food colouring and rolled it into little balls to add berries to my cake. I’m super proud of this cake.
Sunday night: A dinner party. Wednesday: Cathy and a deep talk about the mental health program I’ll be starting at the end of March. Thursday to Sunday: My trip to Vancouver and visits with a lot of people and staying in a different friend’s home every night. And the Tuesday after I return: Sylvie and her sister Lucie arrive for a visit. I haven’t had anything like this busy a life in a long, long time. It’s going to be interesting to see how I fare with so much socializing.
It was a stunning day yesterday! I did my cooking, chopped the wood I wanted to get done and then I took on a scary challenge: Washing my sofa—well, beginning the process. 
I’ve lived here for two-and-a-half years with a dog and been through three winters. I’ve never cleaned upholstery before but it was time, so yesterday I attempted to clean one side of one of the two seat cushions and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Plus, drying it was easy in front of the fire. So, when I come back from Vancouver, I’ll do its reverse side, then the other cushion on both sides and then the back of the sofa.  
Moving here has inspired me to try lots of new things and I’ve learned many new skills.
I also got my fountain going and hooked up to a timer so it comes on with sunrise and goes off at sunset. It is just divine to have the sound back and to look out my office window and see the water sparkling as it drips down into the collecting pool. I love it and the birds love it and its sound, when I am in the spa, is wonderfully relaxing.
In the afternoon, I usually go to Ann’s to get her and her dog, Minjou, and we all go to Rollo Park together, but when I got to her house I saw that Di’s car was there. Di walks with us three times a week in the mornings, so I went into Anna’s yard and Di’s dog, Nelson and Minjou gave me a really warm welcome. Sheba was very jealous.
Then Anna emerged from her house and invited me in for tea and cookies with Di and another fellow dog walker, Donna. So the four of us had the most wonderful hour of conversation, tea and cookies before we went for a walk with out dogs.
It was absolutely lovely to be together.
Today will begin with me meetin Jay and Kelly for breakfast after making marinade for the chicken, then I’ll go on the big community dog walk before coming home to cook courses four and five and tidying up the house before my guests come.

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