Friday, March 13, 2020

Sad, Sigh

I woke yesterday, lit a big fire to heat the house for my guests and made them a nice breakfast before Lucie attacked some of the work she came to BC to do. Then we, and Sheba, piled into the car to go for a walk in Drumbeg Park. After that, we went into the village for lunch, happy that there was no wind and that my guests would be able to leave as planned at 4:00 pm.
After seeing them off at the Gabriola Air dock, I came home and lay down until it was time for bed. I was exhausted. And this morning I awoke with the sads; it’s a feeling I don’t often have and I think it’s because Sheba’s foot is still raw, my email was not working and I’ve been quoted a dreadful price for replacing part of my water system.
I decided to fix the one thing I could do, my email, and I made a total mess of things so I had to get Shaw, my Internet provider, and Apple, to assist me in getting things working again. After an hour-and-a-half on the phone, my email is working again.
This morning I’m off to walk Her Highness and then to shop for some supplies with which to make a week’s worth of meals and to get some things to serve the ladies who are coming this afternoon for tea and gossip. I’ve another visitor tomorrow, too. Sharon Bool and her hubby are dropping by for tea and a confab.
And instead of worrying about Shebie’s foot and the bill to fix my water pump, I’m going to concentrate on how wonderful it is to be one hundred percent fluent and seizure-free again. I have to remember that I’m walking, talking miracle. And ... it's sunny and it's going to stay this way for a week and get warmer and warmer—to 13° or 14°!

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