Saturday, March 21, 2020


I bought condiments on Amazon. It allows me to make something interesting out of the basic ingredients available at the grocery. I’m committed to avoiding the grocery store as much as possible. I’m going to go for drives (with the top down!) and see who’s selling what at roadside stands—that’s how I’m going to get my vegetables.
There are new rules at our grocery store: When you arrive, you line up. There’s a “controller” at the only open door and you can’t enter until someone leaves, and when you go in, you’re watched as you sterilize your hands. You’re given a cart that has had its grip bar sterilized by staff. And when you leave, you wait for your turn well back of anyone checking out in front of you. I appreciate every such initiative very much!
Adrift in this sea of bad news, I had a bit of a lifeline tossed to me yesterday by Stacy, a physician with whom I sometimes walk Sheba. She told me that they’ve been treating people severely ill with Covid-19 with AIDS retroviral drugs that I take every day. They have a capacity to destroy Covid virus but are not a cure. However, I’ve a beneficial element of resistance that compensates, somewhat, for my vulnerability.
Yesterday afternoon was truly inspiring. It was 16° and Rick, Anna, Gunther and I sat far apart in the sunshine as our dogs played. It was summer-like and we felt safe together but apart. This afternoon will likely be a repeat of yesterday.
Today I’ll start attending to cleaning up my gardens. I’ll start on the vegetable garden and then I’m going to do some pruning and propping up my roses. There’s a lot to do, so I’l just get started. Tomorrow, clouds are due and so I’ll likely read, and Monday I really hope it rains. My God, we need water on this dry, dry island.

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