Tuesday, March 31, 2020

More Sunshine and Shocking News

I’m absolutely shocked to see the photographs of downtown Vancouver. It’s like a war zone—not because the streets are empty of people, but because of all the stores being boarded up. Break-ins have been rampant in the “abandon” stores, so many stores have removed their stock and boarded up their windows. It’s a sad statement on human behavior.
I’m also astounded to see army stall building a field hospital in Central Park in New York. It really makes one realize the severity of the crisis. And yesterday it was announced that the convention centre in Vancouver is being re-purposed as an emergency hospital as well!

Last night I watched Dear Evan Hansen on YouTube. I’ve had the soundtrack of this Broadway Musical for a couple of years and listened to it a zillion times without knowing the story. There’s something about the story, the songs and the performances that make it compelling—at least for me.
I can’t believe the whole show is on YouTube. I’m sure it’s illegal. It’s presented by two dorks in six parts. The dorks put themselves on screen through the whole performance, but they are easy to ignore. I wrote to the Shubert Organization, the producers of Dear Evan Hansen, to tell them about the copyright infringement.
Ben Platt, who plays Evan, is absolutely extraordinary. 
For reliable medical science information on Covid-19, The New England Journal of Medicine has dropped its paywall for articles related to the pandemic. Here’s a link:
It’s sunny again and I have to move a lot of wood from one woodpile to another so that I have access to some seasoned wood for the balance of this year. Fresh, unseasoned, wood is coming later in the week and once it goes into my primary woodshed, the seasoned wood will be unreachable. I’ll be using my two semi-crippled hands and one crippled elbow, so tonight I’ll know what I’m in for when I start stacking the six cords that are coming.

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