Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bad Weather; Bad News

Well … here goes: My first two cords of wood arrive today, and the weather is not cooperating. Today, at this point (7:30 am) looks as though we’re doomed to a classic wet, cool and grey day. It's raining right now. However, the next two days should be completely dry so I hope to get all the wood stacked and tomorrow and Friday and then have the weekend to recover before the next two cords arrive.
My spirit has accepted this inevitability; six days of hard about yield a Fall/Winter/Spring of cozy fires so I’m heading into this hard work (after two seasons of lethargy) optimistically. As for my body: Well, I’ll see what happens. If my hands and elbow hurt too much, I’ll try to hire someone to help me.  
I’ve accepted that crisis restrictions will likely last until summer—and then there’s the threat of a “second wave” in the Fall. That’s what I heard on the news last night. The thought of not being with friends for so long, of living alone, is not pleasant to contemplate.
On my walk yesterday, my thoughts were pleasantly interrupted by a sweet, delicious sent that made me pay attention and seek out its source. It was a bush of Ocean Spray in full bloom; my huge bush of it is just beginning to show signs of tiny leaves. Ocean Spray is a plant I’d never heard of until I moved here. Its scent is as sweet as Jasmine. 
I finished All the Light We Cannot See. I oved is despite some of its conceptual flaws. I did nothing but read yesterday to get it finished so that I could focus on wood stacking today. Next up is Where the Crawdads Sing.
I have an idea for a book to write but I’m not certain I have the energy and drive to do it. Income, however, is a beguiling temptress. Why People Buy Art: That’s my working title and I have enough opinions and done enough research in my past to do it. But will I? I don’t know. But if I were to do it, and if it was as successful as Artist Survival Skills, I could live here forever without financial concerns.
Opus, the artists’ supply store that sold four thousand copies of Artist Survival Skills, is doing poorly and my book was its highest-earning SKU (item) ever, so I think they’d be keen to provide the same services as they did last time. This book, however, would be shorter and cheaper.

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