Monday, April 20, 2020

Sunday in the Park With Dogs

Sunday began with a ninety-minute walk with Eoin, Fran├žois and our dogs.I really wish I had taken my camera because we saw some beautiful sites and an extraordinary native plant that was covered in tiny Fuchsia-like blossoms. It was a glorious walk but I arrived home exhausted. 
Through the mid-day, I did absolutely nothing but relax. Then I spent a fair bit of time visiting the websites of Anxiety Canada and the MoodFX website of UBC. This was my homework from Cathy. And I watched Cyprus Avenue for ninety minutes that I cannot recover. My friend Beth recommended it, but I didn’t like it at all (in spite of a terrific performance by Stephen Rea).
In the afternoon, I went with Anna to find Gunther in the park so our dogs could have a good romp. It’s really something to see these three dogs, who clearly adore each other, play together. We were transfixed by the joy of the dogs and their every action. 
At one point, Sheba lost her footing. One leg buckled under her and she slid along the ground on her cheek and on the side of her body. She got up right away and was not, in any way, hurting or disturbed, but it was funny to see her modestly “spitting” as she sought to rid her mouth of the grass and dirt she’s taken in during her slide.
Today is cloudy and uninspiring and the whole week looks iffy, so I’ll be doing a lot of reading. But today is grocery store day. I go in once a week. But later today, I expect to finish seeding wildflowers amongst my Campion. The photos below are from Rollo Park yesterday.

You can see the log bench and various large rocks that we sit on to keep out
distance, and across from them (which you can see below) is a little bench
that we also use. Click to enlarge the photos.
Anna watches Minjou and Zooey greeting a visitor in the park.
Anna with best friends, Sheba and Minjou.
Gunther, eft with Zooey, and Rick, our former Fire Chief,
with Mushu.
A plant I'm trying to identify that has Orchid-like qualities. 
This is a HUGE ant colony. It's a beautifully structured dome
of twigs and its alive with ants. It's over a meter high.

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theresa said...

Did you already find out that the little plant is rattlesnake plantain? Goodyera oblongifolia. A very pretty native orchid. The ones I see here, across the Strait from you, often grow with some of the other orchids, the Listeras, or twayblades. I love reading about your walks and your garden.