Sunday, April 5, 2020

Vertical Expression of Horizontal Intention

I was up a lot last night. Poor Sheba has diarrhea and so I only rested so that I could hear her jump off the bed each time she needed to go out—and she needed to go out often. I’m glad I don’t have to stack wood today after such disrupted sleep.
This morning’s dawned cloudy but it’s predicted to clear this afternoon and we’re expected to get a spectacular week of sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures—great weather for stacking another two cords of wood that will arrive soon.
This morning, I’m meeting Eoin and Fran├žois and their dogs for another walk. We walk apart, of course, but I value these safe social connections as a single person in quarantine. They are taking me on walks where I have never been before and I love that they’re doing this. It’s exactly what I wanted to so this year.
Here’s something to make you feel great: It’s a short tango. What is a tango? A vertical expression of horizontal intention. (That quote is from the person posting this delightful little film.) Link.
Tonight, decent programming returns to PBS: There’s Call the Midwife, then The World on Fire and then The Windermere Children. The programming on PBS has been shite for the past several weeks; it’s great that Sunday nights are interesting again.

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