Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Shopping Day

Yes, that is me (above). I’m dressed for a party at the Vancouver Art Gallery. They wanted a “bitchy” drag queen to walk around and be rude to people. Yes, I know, type casting! And I have to say, I really got into it.
I had to go into the village and do my weekly shopping yesterday morning. It was great. The store was practically empty and there was no line up to get in or check out—plus there was flour! I got a small bag, the last bag, but at least I got some.
Before I took Her Highness for a walk, I downloaded Zoom so that I can participate in my first session with the software, using it to have a virtual gathering with friends from my old Arts Club days. We’re Zooming on Friday. Our walk was lovely, but I can see signs of drought in the forest and it’s sad to see it so early in the season. 
After the walk, I slid into a lounge chair in the sunshine. I love being in the sun; I can’t stand it in summertime when it’s too hot but it’s lovely in the cooler morning air of Springtime. And for all the rest of the day, I did nada. I had no energy, no drive; I rested in anticipation of another two cords of wood arriving for stacking in the next day or so.
But there are so many things to be done: My taxes, clearing the lawns of a bazillion Fir cones, seeding my wildflower garden. But instead I vegetated. I’ve got to get going, so I’m going to make an effort today.
Life is hard without a cell phone. I got locked out of my Apple account and to “reset” it I needed to enter a code sent to my phone. Well my landline doesn’t accept texts and I cancelled my service on my cell phone because I get no service here on Gabriola, so it has taken me three days to get my account working. 
But I finally did it and the reason I got into this mess was to get an App that uses GPS to tell me where I am. Now I can walk all the trails here and not get lost.

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