Thursday, April 2, 2020


I walked Her Highness early yesterday morning in the rain. Then I came home and moved enough of last year’s wood to an accessible place so that I can use it for the balance of this year’s fireplace season. The rest of last season’s wood will be buried behind the new wood I load into the woodshed. Thankfully the woodshed has a roof, so I could keep dry as I worked. 
Then I prepared for the arrival of the new wood, hoping the rain would abate during the time of its delivery. And miracles happen: It arrived in a dry spell and I quickly got it covered. It’s soul destroying to see how much wood just two cords are when you know you have six cords to move and stack. 
However, Mr. Couch Potato rose rise to the occasion: At one o’clock the sky cleared and so I had myself a big bowl of ice cream and then started stacking. I got eight wheelbarrows full into the shed—I filled them up, wheeled them to the shed and then unloaded them. Then I went to meet Anna to walk our dogs. When I got back, I did eight more and then I could no longer resist the calm, quiet and warmth of the spa. 
Oh, it felt good to relax in the warm water. Then it was couch, dinner and TV.
Today has dawned cold and damp. It isn’t raining but the weather is uninspiring. I’m going to meet François and Eoin and their two Whippets for a distanced trail walk, and when I come home, I may do some stacking, or I may not.
I’m reading an excellent book: The Alchemist by Paulo Cuello. It’s a fable about an Andalusian shepherd and I love it. And I want to bake a cake because an essential of quarantine is having something sweet to eat. And if the rain holds off, I’ll try to do a few wheelbarrows full of wood. But I can also wait until the weekend; it’s supposed to be sunny on Sunday and I much prefer doing labour in sunshine.

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