Friday, April 24, 2020


I have a good eye for Orchids! Several days ago, I posted images of two plants I discovered whist walking, and I wondered what they were. Now I know; they are both Orchids.
This is a Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid.
This is a photo, taken too close, of a Coral Root Orchid.
Sadly, you can't see the stuctural miracles of blossoms it
has. I'l try to get a better photo on another walk.
See those red mushroomy looking things? They are Coral Root Orchids.
There are fifteen of them in this photo. Click to enlarge.

I finished The Silent Patient. The best I can say is that it wasn’t a waste of time, but I have less respect for the phrase: “#1 New York Times Bestseller.”
Thursday was mostly cloudy. I dedicated myself to finishing the book, once chores and dog walking were done. I finished just in time to get ready to meet Anna and Gunther at the park. We had a great time together! I stayed until around 4:20; that was almost two hours talking and dog watching together. The sun came out and it was glorious.
I came home for a spa in the sunshine. It felt wonderful to be outdoors, ideally warm and vitally relaxed. I was in the warm wonderful water for almost an hour. Then it was time to make dinner and watch Twelfth Night. I lasted less than ten minutes. Even all jazzed up, which is how this version struck me, I couldn’t take the language. As I’ve said: I’ve been over-exposed to our Bard.
So, the evening was spent chilling on the couch with Her Highness, watching things I’d taped earlier in the week.
My speech is back. Today is the third day in a row I’ve had full fluent speech. It’s like there’s a short in my brain wiring. Fluency comes, then it goes; the connection is made, then it breaks. The one constant is slow—glacially slow—progress. 
I bought six pairs of leather gloves. I thought I was buying two. But now, this rural hick ain’t gunna get no more slivers! Mr. Sissyhands has perpetual protection. I have two fingers that don’t work anymore and hurt like bejesus if I do the “wrong” thing. The gloves lessen making movements that hurt my fingers.
This morning began with a long dog walk with Eoin and his Whippets that allowed me to come home on this dull day and read by a fire, guilt free while Her Highness slept off the walk.

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