Friday, April 10, 2020

Jane Eyre: YES!!!

No wood stacking today. Hooray!
Thirteen loads yesterday, and I was done. Four cords of firewood are now stacked and ready to season through the summer. I’ve learned how to stack to best facilitate the circulation of air: I leave a large gap between the stack rows and I stack the individual wood pieces so that air can flow between them. 
It felt good to finish. I came in, put my feet up and didn’t move until it was time to prepare a relaxed lunch and then head off to fetch Anna and Minjou for our daily afternoon romp in the park. And when I got home, I baked myself a celebratory pie. 
Now I have a few days of gardening before the last two cords arrive. And what weather I have, in which to do it! Yesterday afternoon it was a very spectacular nineteen degrees!
Before dinner, I watched Sally Cookson’s Jane Eyre, produced by the National Theatre.  Theatre doesn’t get any better than this! And to watch it in the comfort of my home, with closeups, is a treat. I think we get as great an experience as the audience watching this performance. What a delicious magnificent gorgeous brilliant treat! 
I think Sally Cookson is a genius! The music! The the set! The choreography of lights, of people, of windows, of fabric! The hanging uniforms of the orphans! How the characters travel on a train! It’s pure endless perfection! Don’t miss it! It’s on YouTube.
Treasure Island is next.
Today will be a day to relax and do modest gardening. I’m very happy to have a day without wood. It’s currently nine am and already it’s thirteen degrees outside. This afternoon will be hot; I expect to be outside all day in it.

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