Monday, April 6, 2020

A Gorgeous Walk

Just as happened on my last walk with Eoin and the Whippets, the sky started to clear as we headed into the forest yesterday morning at nine-thirty. The walk was invigorating and oodles of fun (see photos below); it was a new trail to me. Eoin was our guide; his direction allowed Fran├žois and I to follow paying attention to all the sights.
By the time I got home, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. And as I drove back from the walk, Ben Hepner was hosting music on the CBC and he played a piece called Drag the Goat by the Silk Road Ensemble, featuring Yo-Yo Ma. Oh my God, I loved it. It’s likely not to everyone’s taste, but for this former traveler who loves rich folk music that evokes memories of places visited, this is divine music. 
When I got home, I decided to see how the Garlic is doing that I planted last Fall. It’s looking spectacular! The shoots are healthy, lush and sturdy; I could not be happier. My crop last year was planted in the Spring and they did not do at all well in our hot dry summer, whereas this crop will be a doozie.
Sheba went to bed when we got home; she’d hardly slept all night because of her diarrhea, and I finished The Alchemist. And then we went to Anna’s to go for an afternoon dog walk in the lovely, soothing and  warm sunshine. This is going to be a great week—warm, bright and sunny. 
In the evening, I watched Call the MidwifeWorld on Fire and the harrowing show called The Windermere Children about the rehabilitation of children freed from concentration camps.
I’m chuffed even though I’m a snitch. I wrote to the Shubert Organization to report on the pirated version of Dear Evan Hansen on YouTube. It offended my copyright sensibilities that a pair of guys were showing the entire show online and asking for donations from viewers. Well, all their videos are gone! Hooray for that.
The National Theatre is posting Jane Eyre on YouTube on April 9th. I’ve subscribed so as not to miss any online shows.
I’ll enjoy today: It’s gorgeous and will be nice and warm this afternoon. Soon, the next two cords of wood will arrive, and my life will be back to toting and stacking, so chillin’ is the focus of the day today, and maybe some gardening.
Juliet, a blogger I follow who lives in Paris, wrote to say that infection numbers are dropping in continental Europe. She writes: “Spain deaths [are] lower for the fourth day in a row as Germany sees [a] further case drop.”
The moss! (Above and below.)

Some kind of lovely lichen or fungus.

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