Saturday, April 4, 2020

A Toke

I skipped walking Sheba yesterday morning and got right to work stacking wood. By ten-thirty, I’d done ten loads—not only that, my back wasn’t killing me, so I know I’m building up my strength and that stacking the remaining four cords won’t be as challenging. 
With ten more loads in the shed, I took Sheba for a walk after a short break to catch my breath. Then lunch, and then I went back to it. I did four more loads, swept up the loose left-over detritus, folded up the huge tarpaulins that were underneath and overtop the woodpile and put all my tools away. I was done! Two cords down, four to go.
I celebrated with a spa and by putting on clean dry clothes in advance of a second dog walk—this time with Anna. And then I came home to watch One Man Two Guvnors, the free National Theatre program and had a tiny bit of Marijuana. Woo hoo: Party!

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