Friday, April 17, 2020

Gunther is Back! And Treasure Island is a Hit!

This is the park I keep talking about and visiting. This is Rollo Park—the lower
field. The building in the background houses washrooms and a kitchen from which
they sell hot dogs and drinks when games are on, but this season is cancelled.
This is the upper field. It is gorgeous because it is surrounded by forest.
And this is something growing on the trail we passed yesterday
morning. I don’t know what it is but I’m going to try to find out.
And this is Eoin in a glade of Alder with his Whippets, Clovis and Walnut.

My walk yesterday morning with Eoin and the Whippets was superlative. The scent of the forest air was truly exquisite, and the trails were alive with early morning walkers—there were eight of them. (The most ‘ve ever seen before is three.)
When I got home. I contacted the car insurance agency because I had not heard from them in spite of the assurances they have given me when I called that I’d hear from them that day. As of Saturday, I have no insurance and I need to use my car. 
At eleven-thirty, Cathy, the local mental health nurse, called me for my first telephone session and it was good to be in touch. She’ll be staying in touch with me weekly and she wants me to take the course in Nanaimo that I cancelled, once this crisis allows for the classes to resume.
Once we were done, I was outside and back to toting and stacking wood. I did ten loads and then was exhausted, so I stopped for a leisurely lunch. I managed to get three more loads done before quitting for the day and going to meet Anna and Minjou for a dog romp in the park. And Gunther was there!
I’ve missed him. He’s an old guy—maybe in his mid-eighties, and he has no teeth—but I adore him and his dog, Zooey. I was so happy to see him, I told him so. And he said he’s coming back to daily visits with us. His daughter had advised against meeting with us, but people in couples don’t realize how valuable it is for us singles to safely meet outdoors. I’m super glad he’s back!
As I drove home from the park, my body crying out to be horizontal, I wondered how I’d find anything decent to watch on the telly, but when I got home, there was an email from the car insurance firm and I was kept busy for a w hile dealing with the insurer: I was on the phone, and on email, printing, signing, scanning and returning documents so that I can keep driving through the weekend.
And, while I was waiting for an email, I went to YouTube and saw that The National Theatre’s Treasure Island debuted yesterday. So that’s what I did last night, to my absolute delight! As each NT production begins, you see and hear the audience for a few seconds before the show begins. And I love that. I feel as though I’m there with them. I feel the joyful anticipation of actors, costumes, sets, lights and, often, music, and I get very excited.
And as soon as the first character entered (a female Jim Hawkins), gently singing acapella, I was hooked. It’s such a privilege to see, each week, a production by the National. And so up close! There’s nothing better.
This is a “broad” show; every character is “large.” Kids would eat it up. And not everything works (the doctor), but still, it is awesome entertainment. Again, as with Jane Eyre, the singing! And the sets! And the actor playing Jim (Patsy Ferran) is absolute perfection. And the “take,” the interpretation, of Long John Silver is fabulous and Ben Gunn is too! The writing (except for the doctor character) is enchanting! I loved it and I joined the audience in applauding when it was over. I could hardly wait to see what’s next. 
It’s Shakespeare, Damn! But, as often happens, a rather hysterical looking interpretation, so I may be able to take it. Call me common, but I’m over Shakespeare.
This morning: Wood stacking. But at eleven, I Zoom with Arts Club friends and at some point, I have to go into the village to pick up the decal I need for my license plates. And then it’s more stacking before going to the park with Anna and Minjou to meet Gunther and Zooey. Yay!

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