Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Something was wrong with my spirit yesterday. I did no work, no reading, no anything. And when it was time to go to bed, I was both relieved and concerned about how my spirit is going to get through endless social distancing. I’m rather reclusive, yes, but I also really enjoyed periodic visits with friends before this crisis.
I think this endless living alone is getting to me. I do see Anna and Gunther, but they and the periodic other dog owners who come to the park when we are there are endlessly taking about the virus. What they say is full of speculation and I just am not into it, so I drift away from them and occupy myself with the dogs.
It’s been ages since I had a decent conversation, However, my speech remains fluent; it’s been almost a week!
Sunday night, I watched the Canadian charity concert and loved it. Well, let me be clear: I loved seeing and hearing the performers singing, but their “lectures” on “Staying well,” “to practice social distancing” etcetera, bored me to tears. Even the endless cliché of praising “front line workers” got to me. I don’t need to hear any advice from celebrities, thank you.
But even better, for this avid fan of musical theatre, was the birthday celebration for Stephen Sondheim with unbelievablygreat singers. Everyone was in top form. It was breathtaking in how close I felt to them, too. It was like they were singing to me, all of them performing to cameras in their homes and without an audience. You can see it here.
Yesterday morning was very frustrating.
Suddenly, one of my email accounts (thankfully not my primary one) went “inactive.” I spent hours on the phone with Apple and they helped me discover that my problem was with Shaw. I called Shaw and waited forever for their return call. Long after they said they would call, I left to take Her Highness for a walk. 
When I got back, of course, there was a message from them. So, I may try again today. But today I have things to do: I have to go shopping because I didn’t go into the village yesterday, and then, at eleven, I’m getting a call from Cathy, the mental health nurse, and then, at five, I am hosting a Zoom call with some friends.
The new divide is not left versus right; it’s the advancement of economic versus public health policies.
I wonder by what methods our governments will recover the money they’ve paid out due to Covid-19. Higher taxes? Cuts to programs and ministries?

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