Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cliffside Walk

Well we certainly started our Saturday well, Sheba and me. We left home at nine to walk a trail I’d long wanted to visit; I had no idea where it went and if I’d have to double back or if I’d be able to find a way back to the car via another trail. All I knew was that it followed the top of an escarpment by the sea.
We drove to the trail head with the top down and spectacular choral music playing and headed down to the cliff. There was a bit of a breeze blowing off the sea keeping me from heating up. It was ideal walking weather. The air was sweet and clear; the only sound was the wind.
We walked for ninety minutes and we enjoyed walking a circle route. We did not have to double back; I was glad of that because at times I was nervous when Sheba took in interest in the edge of the cliff. It was a really inspiring walk and way to start another virus day. (The photos are beow.)
When I got home, I had a lie down in the sunshine for a bit before starting to do some gardening. I love the total absence of pressure to work and the summer-like weather; the brightness of the day and its warmth make living in isolation easy to take.
Having baked a big chocolate cake Friday night, I took two pieces (wrapped in wax paper), some Lemon Ginger tea in two small thermoses and some disposable paper plates and plastic forks with me to meet Anna so that we could have tea and cake in the sunshine—a little picnic on a glorious afternoon, all alone in a great big open park. She was thrilled with my little surprise. (We kept our distance, of course.)
When I got home, I had a spa and then settled in for a relaxing evening with the pets. When it’s as nice as this—it was 17° this afternoon at our picnic—social distancing is a walk in the park.
This morning, I’m going on yet another new trail, guided by Eoin and François. And then I’ll come home to do more gardening. I’m feeling the love for gardening a bit more every day. (I’m not reading at all.) All I needed was warm weather to rediscover my passion for being outdoors. I can thrive at home through this crisis.

In places, the forest floor is carpeted in moss.
Wild Current bush in full bloom.
That beach is straight down a long fall.

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