Monday, March 23, 2020

Rain is Coming I Hope

The chart above shows you what has happened to the water level in my aquifer. This summer is going to be a challenge if I want to keep my gardens watered. Today’s clouds yielded not a molecule of rain and by the afternoon they were dissipating. 
Today has dawned with no potential for rain but: Come Thursday, several days are predicted that could produce rain. It looks as though a wet front is coming and I’m positively praying that the prognosticators are right.
After weeks of sunshine, yesterday’s overcast sky made me feel an emotion I find it hard to name. I felt a little bit sad, a little bit content and calm and also a bit thrilled by the scents of the fresh air in the forest. Because it was cloudy, a trail was of interest because there was no sunshine to miss by being under the trees.
Sheba seemed herself on the walk. I was very glad to see that given that she has been so sick earlier in the morning. But she did not want to go on a long walk. She stood still whenever I chose the longer route, seemingly telling me that she wanted to get home. So we took the shorter trail options and got home after a relatively short walk.
I looked at the three remaining books I had and chose A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles to read next. I’m pretty sure I’ve read his Rules of Civility, so I chose his novel over The Alchemist and All the Light We Cannot See.
In the afternoon, I got an email from my small dog-walking group. We are done until the crisis ends. Henceforth, I will have almost no human contact at all because today I’m contacting the local grocery to sign up for home delivery. The only store I’ enter is the pet food store and I’ll do that wearing a mask and as infrequently as possible.
A friend of a friend is an Australian teacher and where she lives, the schools are still open. I said: “nothing is stopping individuals from displaying greater intelligence than their work or governmental leaders; stop going to school for your own well-being.” I am proud, therefore, that the Canadian Olympic team is the first to announce that they will not participate in the upcoming Summer Olympics unless they are postponed. Watch: Now other national teams will follow.
Yesterday I had more phone calls than I’ve had in the past month. With everyone at home and feeling the impact of isolation, friends seem to be calling and emailing more and that’s a wonderful thing. It helps break up the monotony of the day. But I’m really enjoying A Gentleman in Moscow.

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