Monday, February 27, 2023

Almost 800!

I’m very close to locking in my first 800 words. I know I’m going to get there. I’ve been memorizing now for 2 weeks; this week, I’m sure will see me become adept at this first half of the script, so soon I’ll be memorizing an additional 200 words. Hurrah!

It’s cloudy today, and there is a threat of more snow, but with luck, it’ll rain instead. The cold is soon to leave. I can hardly wait.

Clinic work is getting complicated and more challenging. We have a board meeting on Wednesday, and it’s likely to be a smoker as we will be discussing our future and the need for us to become far more active with fundraising. I’m hanging in, but I feel challenged because the other members of my committee are present only as thinkers, they are not ‘doers.’ So, everything that must be done by our committee, falls on my desk. I’ve written to every board member, telling them that I need more people on my committee.

I had a long chat with my friend Dianne yesterday, and we began with a long discussion about her plans for renovating her house. She is doing the renovations that will lead to her having friends move in with her in part of her house, and she will move into a beautiful newly renovated basement. This is her plan for her old age. She will have help close by.

After we talked through her plans, I asked for a few minutes of air time on our Zoom call, and I started reciting my lines. It was great. I was rolling along and then things started going awry because a short mild seizure came over me. That is when she asked me what I was reading. When I told her I wasn’t reading, that I was reciting my memorized lines for her, she was really, really impressed, and that thrilled me.

And another week begins ….

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