Thursday, February 16, 2023

Great British Bake Off The Musical

I love The Great British Bake Off (and the Canadian version).
I can't believe that they're making a musical of it!

I knew it’d be relatively easy, but I didn’t know how much fun it would be. In just a few hours, I kind of memorized 534 words—30% of my monologue. Almost a third of it. But of course, the memorizing leads to changes; I added words and changed others. My monologue is now almost 1,800 words. I know the words, but I’m still having troubles with transitions, so I will spend a lot more time today on this first third of my script.

I have three months before the shows, I am very confident I’ll get it all down pat; I really enjoy memorizing. Perhaps it’s because I have so much time to do it. Perhaps because saying it aloud makes the words come alive. I get quite animated saying it aloud. Once I can get through this first third several times in a row with no mistakes, no misses, I’ll get onto the next third.

I went through the first third this morning. There were 6 places where I just stopped, not knowing how to continue. But all I had to do was look at the first word, and then the words came. I know them, I just sometimes get things out of order. I hope, by the end of today, that I can do the first third faultlessly.

I finished a good draft of the second Foundation newsletter. That’s a relief. It will get changed, and probably quite a bit, after board members have read it. But it feels very good to have it done. I feel free to work on memorizing.

After two brisk but bright and sunny days, it’s very lightly raining today, and it’s still cool (3°) and there’s a chance we’ll have snow next week. Sigh. I’ll read by the fire and concentrate on memorizing all day.

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