Thursday, February 23, 2023

White and Bright

Our board meeting was cancelled due to our chairperson not having any power at her house. So, I had the entire day to myself. Once I had left the meeting, I started memorizing my script. I decided to work on an additional 247 words. When I get them down pat, I’ll have a total of 791 words memorized. That’s 46% of my script. Almost half-way.

It snowed like mad all morning. Tiny flakes that, by 10:00 am, had produced an accumulation of 5 inches of snow. This is classic February in south-western BC. And on Monday, it’d been so warm and sunny, I had to leave the window open when I left Sheba in the car. But it stopped just after 10:00, so Her Highness and I went for a walkabout in the hood. She loves the snow.

And then back to memorizing and reading until lunch. What a lovely lazy easy day I was having. I enjoy memorizing and I love not having any pressure from the clinic. But I do not love the snow. It came back; it snowed all afternoon. Sigh. But my memorizing was going well, and I started book number 15 of the Guido Brunetti series.

Today has dawned bright, brilliantly sunny and cold. It’s predicted to stay cold until Sunday when all the snow will start melting and, hopefully, that will be the end of Winter.

In just over two weeks, (March 12), daylight Saving Time begins. I’ll spend the day reading by the fire and practicing all the lines of my script that I’ve memorized.

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